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Right back in 2019, Amazon reported that it would be working on a The Lord of the Rings MMO close by Leyou Technologies, which was a studio claimed by Tencent. All things considered, after almost a long time since its declaration with for all intents and purposes no data on the undertaking having come about, Amazon has now dropped the venture inside and out.

As per another report from Bloomberg, Amazon Game Studios has now formally rejected its Lord of the Rings game. The title was initially planned to release on both PC and consoles and it was likewise going to be a free-to-play title. Nonetheless, issues in the background held the game back from progressing to the point that it has now met its demise. Amazon affirmed in a resulting explanation that the title is not in work, at this point underway as of now. “We love the Lord of the Rings IP, and are baffled that we will not carry this game to clients,” it read.

The Lord of the Rings

It appears to be like the justification for the cancellation accompanies Tencent’s association in the undertaking. The Chinese mega-conglomerate gained Leyou Technologies for $1.5 billion late in 2020, implying that the organization at that point got attached to this The Lord of the Rings game. Be that as it may, this prompted contract exchanges between both Amazon and Tencent which is the place where things began to self-destruct. For some explanation, a dispute between the two parties unfolded which prompted the game at that point to get closed down overall.

Concerning what the individuals who were chipping away at this The Lord of the Rings project at Amazon will do straight away, they’re supposed to be proceeding onward to different games that are being developed at the organization. Amazon’s most eminent undertaking that is at present in the pipeline turns out that of another MMO which is called New World. The game has been in progress for a long while and is at last ready to deliver later on in 2021.

The lord of the rings tv series by Amazon

And now that Amazon has canceled it, the internet giant should be pinning most of its hopes on the highly anticipated fantasy “The Lord of the Rings” series for Prime Video. As reported by THR, “Amazon Studios’ The Lord of the Rings TV Series will cost $465 million for just the first season of the show.”

With regards to The Lord of the Rings in the gaming space, there are other impending titles set in the realm of Middle-earth to anticipate. Maybe the most remarkable is The Lord of the Rings: Gollum which is a story-driven encounter following the nominal character. It’s set to deliver at an unsure date in 2022.



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