Waterlight: A Portable Lantern which can be charged by Salt Water or Urine
Credit: E-Dina

This low-cost high-innovation LED lamp uses saltwater to re-energize its batteries! And hence to complement this unique feature, its developers named it WaterLight. This lamp is designed for neighborhoods where there’s a shortage of electric power or have less access to it. Rather than requiring a conventional electrical plug to replenish its batteries, the WaterLight utilizes a water-enacted magnesium battery that causes a reaction when it interacts with saline solution. This viably implies the WaterLight can be charged through seawater, normal salt water, or in crisis cases, even pee/urine in case of emergency of course. 

Developed by Colombian start-up E-Dina in collab with creative agency Wunderman Thompson, this lamp desires to act as a substitute for solar-powered lamps. The watertight lamp is considerably more effective than a solar-powered lamp, creating significantly more energy than a sunlight-based panel would.

“WaterLight can be more productive than sun-powered energy lights since it regenerates instantly,” said Pipe Ruiz Pineda, executive creative director of Wunderman Thompson Colombia in an interview with Dezzen. “Once loaded up with water, the energy conveyance is immediate while sun-powered lamps need to transform solar energy to another form of energy to charge batteries and they only work if there is the sun.”

  • E-Dina Waterlight
  • E-Dina Waterlight
  • E-Dina Waterlight
  • E-Dina Waterlight

The portable gadget goes about as a mini generator that produces light utilizing ionization – by filling it with 500 milliliters of seawater, the salt in the water reacts with magnesium and copper plates inside the gadget, changing over it into electrical energy. 

The gadget produces as long as 45 days of light and can likewise be utilized to charge a cell phone or another little electrical device through a USB port.

WaterLight will help fishermen to fish around evening time and craftsmen to sell a higher measure of requests by permitting them to work whenever. It might even forestall fires, the makers said, as it will stop kids requiring candles around evening time to complete their schoolwork in rural parts of Columbia.

The gadget has a round and hollow wooden external packaging and a perforated cap on top that permits water to stream into the gadget and hydrogen gas from the ionization cycle to escape. In its whole lifetime, it can create a few years of light or around 5,600 hours, which allows it to be used for 2-3 years before being disposed of, the startup said. Also, the lamp can easily be repurposed once it reaches the end of its life.

Even though WaterLight isn’t the first initiative to carry light to poor rural communities, it flaunts the benefit that it can produce light in a split second 24 hours every day.


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