95 Percent of the Ocean Surface Climate will end by 2100, claims new study

Yes, up to 95 percent of the ocean surface climate of Earth will end by 2100, and this is all because of the continuous Carbon emissions by humans, which is harming the surface water temperature, its pH level, and the concentration of mineral aragonite.

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, the increasing level of greenhouse gases is deteriorating the condition, and mineral aragonite – used by sea animals for bones and shells is in danger, and so is the sea life.

Since the Industrial Revolution, one-third of the pollution generated by them is absorbed by the water bodies (seas, oceans, etc.). Not only this but for the last, three million years the carbon dioxide levels are constantly increasing and will make ocean surface climate less hospitable to the species it hosts.

95 Percent of the Ocean Surface Climate will end by 2100, claims new study

Researchers studied the impact on the climate since the mid-18 century and also projected the vision for the years, 2100- to be specific. The period was distributed in 3 main phases –

  • The early 19th century (1795-1834)
  • The late 20th century (1965-2004)
  • The late 21st century (2065-2014)

The climate model was prepared according to the above phases to study the climate variation over the years. The models were then run through two emission scenarios – RCP4.5 and RCP8.5.

The first tells the increase due to greenhouse gases till 2050 and slower for the surface rest of the century. The second explains the rise in emission for the next 80 years and harm of 95% by the end of 2100. According to RCP4.5, 36% of the 20th-century ocean will disappear by 2100, says the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

If the situation remains the same the present climate will become history soon and what comes up will be astonishing. Katie Lotterhos, Lead study author of Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center says,

“The surface species will be greatly impacted by the change in the composition of carbon pollution. Species adapt to this and so will they adapt to the changing conditions. Where the chemistry between the climate temperature and water would be missing”

Marine life has already gone through a lot with the changing climate and this shifting and change in area will become rapid in the coming years.

Proper monitoring by the government is necessary to save marine surface species from the driving emission and acidification of oceans.


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