Amazon will pay you up to $1000 in case of injury from its damaged products

The e-commerce giant is providing more reliability to its customers by amending its A-to-Z guarantee and will now pay directly to customers who encountered injury personal or property damage by products sold on This policy will be implemented from September 1st, 2021 and compensation will be under $1000 as there are about 80% of cases. With this, the company is also providing ‘Amazon Insurance Accelerator’ for its sellers to buy products insurance for their business. 

Amazon was undergoing a case in the US regarding the compensation of its damaged products. And the US court finds liable for compensation as the customers have expectations from their buyers as their directly taking products from them and they are not aware of a middle man.

So, the e-commerce giant announced its A-to-Z guarantee, which will directly pay customers up to $1000 for damaged products regardless of who sells them. They can also pay more than $1000 if the seller is unresponsive or if the company suspects it to be valid.

Customers or buyers will have to contact the company’s customer service and share the details of the seller and damage. Then Amazon will notify the seller about the claim and if the seller does not respond to the claim then amazon will directly pay the compensation to the customer and separately deals with the seller.

The company will pay the claim on behalf of their sellers on one condition that if the seller holds valid insurance. For this amazon launched its ‘Amazon Insurance Accelerator‘ for sellers which will assist in finding liability insurance at competitive rates.

Apart from this, it has doubled its network in terms of products and delivery in 18 months. So their new policy will help in increasing their network more.

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