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mojang unified launcher

Mojang launches ‘Unified Launcher’ for Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition

Mojang shutting down launcher dedicated to "Minecraft Dungeons" on PC in favor of a new “Unified Launcher” which will let you launch Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition from the same place. Minecraft Dungeons had its...
wormholes escape

Can Wormholes Help Us To Escape Our Demise

I am a very scientific person but there are a few things I have a hard time believing. One of them is that nothing tops the speed of light. I say bullshit to that...
the life work of satoshi kon

How to define Satoshi Kon’s animation journey?

The more time elapses the more Satoshi Kon’s comprehensive methodology has made him a phenomenon within the animation industry. Satoshi Kon helped grease popularity and deeper perception of anime overseas and influence many Hollywood...
apple mac

Apple redesigning its Mac!

The Apple gossip factory sure is stirring quick and furious today. As expected, the 27-inch iMac released last summer will be the last of its kind having Intel inside. It will be the last...