facebook planning to rebrand

We all know Facebook as a social networking product. But it seems like social media giants now want to change their picture with their new ambitions, as Facebook planning to rebrand itself with a new name next week according to The Verge. It doesn’t mean they are changing their app name but rebranding their parent company name similar to Google when they rebrand themselves in 2015 by Alphabet. Inc name. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from a long time talking about the metaverse concept in which people can experience a virtual environment using technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality for this they are developing hardware like Oculus VR headsets, AR glasses, and wristbands.

He also said that the world will be going to see their transition from a social media company to a metaverse company. So, they are high chances that rebranding the name would be related to the metaverse. 

When the Facebook company asked about its rebranding itself their spokesperson denied it as they do not comment on rumors or speculations. Although Facebook doesn’t have said anything about rebranding it looks like Mark Zuckerberg will be going to announce their new name at their annual Connect conference on October 28. 

The apps under Facebook like Instagram, Whatsapp, and more will be going to remain unchanged, as these apps only are overseen by the parent company similar to Google Alphabet.Inc company.

Rebranding itself would help Facebook from the scrutiny they are facing from regulators, lawmakers, and activists over their business practices. By creating a parent company, Facebook will create some space between its metaverse ambition and scrutiny.

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