How Twitter Breeds Monsters?

The growth of social media leads to canceled culture. Your mere existence on social media applications is at the stake of you drifting from the mainstream. 

What social media lacks is accountability as no one stands accountable for your action and accountability is necessary because it provokes change. 

But, do you know? There is a thin line between accountability and vitriol. And a simple slip-up will blur this line, and you will become part of the canceled culture in no time.

Twitter is one social media application that cultivates such vitriol behavior the best and shelters mobs.

Among the easy stuff these days, being canceled is one. You have to be politically correct, which means you have to be a certain way. Otherwise, in a blink of an eye, you will get canceled.

What does ‘CANCEL CULTURE’ mean?

Cancelled Twitter

Cancel Culture is the modern generation online boycott. Being part of the canceled culture straight away means that you are no longer part of the mainstream society because you aren’t a certain way or you did something that was not defined according to the fake standards and statements are seen in our society.

Twitter is one platform where you would witness this culture the most. People are vicious, they attack others for having an opinion, to be specific, tweeting is the modern technique of bullying.

Yes, Twitter breeds monsters!!


If you wish to provide affirmation and get the recognition that way, then Twitter is not the platform for you. It will ignore you. Twitter intensifies people to post the spiciest, hottest, and most controversial topics. It is because it feeds on reactions rather than outbreaks. 

Just in one click, any unverified information becomes part of the chain and speeds all over. And before you realize the authenticity, the angry crowd and the mob are ready to put out their point. Today’s time yields negativity among the people.

Why are People Being Toxic?

Your voice on social media is like noise in the heads, and you aren’t visualized as a fellow human. Especially, in Twitter, you are a mere faceless account without any emotion and with time forgetting the individual behind the screen is no big deal.

Politic Polarization stays away from such matters, at least in the US. With time people drift away from the political center and become divided opinions, more frustrated on these issues. Due to this, further and further partition among people makes them angrier. And this anger is what is making them so violent on social platforms. It leads to a mob mentality, which we see as attractive.

As a result of this, we support those on our side and dehumanize those on the other. It does not remain a debate that would be constructive rather it attracts hatred and hostility. 

Why do People develop Mob Mentality?

The answer is psychologically driven. As humans, we look out for the community, where we all belong. Entering digital platforms as Twitter makes you part of the crowd and you see how people are acting and reacting to different situations.

Social media platform grants us the freedom to craft ourselves our environment. As exceptions do exist, many prefer to stay in their chamber and remain in their own beliefs. It is justified as these people do not wish to confront the opposite group.

But, those with mob mentality overlook others’ humanity and label them with tags. Such an act shows our cheap mentality of not considering them as equal humans to us. 

Staying away is a personal choice but not being a part and then labeling others is downtrodden. We do not welcome the new ones and see the world as a reductionist place. Resulting in anger, which is encouraged by the climate that Twitter too holds.

People live in this world on Twitter where they feel right and think that they are fighting a good fight. As humans putting others at fault gives us satisfaction, the same happens on Twitter.

Social media categorizes us as heroes and villains. But, is it the “reality”?


In the real world, the majority of us are just normal individuals who are prone to make mistakes.

Social media has its pros and cons. And it does stand on a positive balance as well.

What are the positives of Social Media?

Social Media Positive
  • Social Media Connects: Before, social media wasn’t part of our day-to-day lifestyle, connecting to people all over the globe was not easy. But, now it just happens in a few clicks.
  • You get access to information: It involves all sorts of information related to any topic of your concern. Makes taking information and broadcasting easier than it could ever get.
  • Gives voice: Social media gives you a platform to bring out your voice. It did give voice to voiceless people to tell their hearts out.

Despite all its benefits, when the information shows up on the feed, people are ready with their judgments. Though Twitter can control this, it doesn’t.

Nowadays, the hunt is on for people’s shameful secrets. You can live a good ethical life, but some bad phraseology in a tweet will overwhelm it all. The secret turns out to be a key to evil. We have two types of people in the world, those who favor humans over ideology and those who favor ideology over humans.

Twitter is a place where people want attention, turn out to be right, and each one wishes to be heard. In such an environment, to follow what gets more clicks is easier than to stand by what you want.

Nobody is perfect, and we make mistakes. But, being bullied lifelong and making it a public deal is not the right move.

So, in the end, it is better to be voiceless than to be a bully.



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