What will be the result of the most anticipated Batman-Goku Battle

Goku has had his fair share of jaw-dropping fights against remarkable beings in various universes. However, fans love to picture Goku and superheroes from other franchises in one battleground and fighting head-on. One such widely fantasized example is the Batman-Goku battle. Let’s find out if Batman can defeat Goku.

How Batman appears in front of Goku

Goku has the immense strength of Captain Marvel, the stamina of Shazam, the power of Thor, the untraceable speed of Beerus, enhanced senses like Spiderman, endurance and durability like Captain America, and the mind of Deadpool. He has mastered a universal level of powers. He can move well past the speed of light, unleash various Kamehameha attacks and numerous blasts, can regenerate, use instant transmission, and perform telekinesis and the list goes on.

Goku is known as a man who is “all about breaking through the limits”. He gives 200% to break every limit imposed on him either by himself or by his greatest foes.

He has the upper hand over Batman when it comes to hand-to-hand combat thanks to years of martial arts training. He is actually known as a genius of combat. He can also mimic the fighting techniques of his rivals. Batman can’t beat the time Goku has given to his training.

With the power of Goku’s ultra instinct transformations from Great ape to Pseudo Super Saiyan to God-like Saiyan which were previously deemed unachievable, Goku is most likely going to walk over him.

Goku appears to be immune to any kind of weaknesses, unlike Batman’s other rivals. He has healing capabilities. Apart from some loopholes, Goku needs to throw a few punches and Batman is down for the count.

He has stripped numerous super villains and the count involves big names. Batman can’t beat him in the experience too.

Batman can pull off some worthy blasts, perform some in-air combat techniques, power up his gadgets to do some unprecedented tasks which are unrecorded in DC’s history but it will not be enough for a man who can smack at the speed of sound, clone himself. Even at the beginning of DBZ, Goku can dodge anything coming onto him from Mr. Bats.

Batman-Goku Meme

Is there any chance for Goku

Batman has fought the likes of Darkseid, Ares, Kalibak, Circe, and Reverse Flash. He has adapted to redefine and rebuilt his mind and suit to each new battle. He can surely come up with dozens of technologically advanced gadgets to take on all mighty Super Saiyan Goku.

But these preps need to be exceptional from using some kind of bioweapon in order to take advantage of Goku’s vulnerability to heart disease to some kind of teleportation gun to dump him in a black hole or something.

These tricks will require highly cooked-up situations to succeed. Even while wearing the Hellbat armor, Goku can still beat him to the pulp. In order to induce a heart attack or infection, there will remain “action and reaction” related issues. As for teleporting him, Batman needs a hell-fast suit otherwise Goku’s lighting speed will pose a great threat to Batman’s teleportation gun.

This might help him defeat Saiyan Saga Goku but SSJ and Cell Saga Goku is far from his league.


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