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As expected, AMD has announced its A520 motherboard chipset, which has been identified as part of a new affordable line of motherboards with the basics needed to get AMD 3rd, Gen Ryzen CPUs, up to speed.

Apart from their entry-level prices (under US$ 100), the AMD A520 motherboards have plenty to offer. In comparison to the existing ones, motherboards provide enhanced I/O, upgraded components and support for Ryzen’s next-gen CPUs and APUs, something that older A320 boards can’t provide.

While you don’t get any support for PCIe Gen 4 on A520 motherboards that isn’t that big considering that GPUs that users will end up running on the A520 platform would hardly even saturate the PCIe Gen 3 interface, board manufacturers included a range of features such as improved USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and faster Ethernet and WiFi controllers that offer better experience over older inputs. You also get the support for the existing 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs ‘Matisse’ and APUs ‘Renoir’ out of the box.

In order to support the next generation AMD Ryzen CPUs called Vermeer as well as Ryzen APUs codenamed Cezanne, the AMD A520 Platform is going to be the newest of the 500 series PCH family. Board manufacturers will release BIOS for their respective A520 boards prior to the launch of the said processors, so if you’re thinking about upgrading to the next-gen Ryzen CPU / APU entry or mid-tier, then the A520 motherboards will definitely have you backed up.

A handful of motherboards are ready to go with the new chipset. These include the following

ASUS A520 Motherboard Lineup

To date, only three A520 motherboards have just been announced by ASUS. Two of them are in their PRIME series and one belongs to the TUF Gaming lineup.

  • asus motherboard plus
  • asus motherboard a
  • asus motherboard e
  • asus motherboard plus 2
  • asus motherboard a 2
  • asus motherboard e 2
  • asus motherboard plus 3
  • asus motherboard a 3
  • asus motherboard e 3

ASRock A520 Motherboard Lineup

In the standard Pro line of products, ASRock has launched six new A520 motherboards. Four mATX boards and a Mini-ITX option are included.

  • A520Mac
  • A520M HDV
  • A520M HDVP
  • A520M HVS
  • A520M ITXac
  • A520M Pro4
  • A520Mac 2
  • A520M HDV 2
  • A520M HDVP 2
  • A520M HVS 2
  • A520M ITXac 2
  • A520M Pro4 2
  • A520Mac 5
  • A520M HDV 5
  • A520M HDVP 5
  • A520M HVS 5
  • A520M ITXac 5
  • A520M Pro4 5

MSI A520 Motherboard Lineup

MSI has four new AMD A520 motherboards with a new product from the MAG A520 M Vector WiFi series.

  • msi a520m pro box Custom 1 1
  • msi a520m pro c dash box Custom 1 1
  • msi a520m a pro box2 Custom 1 1
  • msi mag a520m vector wifi box Custom 1 1
  • msi a520m pro 2d Custom 2
  • msi a520m pro c dash 2d Custom 2
  • msi a520m a pro 2d Custom 2
  • msi mag a520m vector wifi 2d Custom 2
  • msi a520m pro c dash io Custom 3
  • msi a520m pro io Custom 3
  • msi a520m a pro io Custom 3
  • msi mag a520m vector wifi io Custom 3

Gigabyte A520 Motherboard Lineup

With a total of seven boards, five of them are part of the regular UD segment, while the rest are part of the AORUS group, Gigabyte is the biggest producer.

  • gigabyte aorus elite 1
  • gigabyte aorus elite 2
  • gigabyte ud 3
  • gigabyte ud 4
  • gigabyte ud 5
  • gigabyte ud 6
  • gigabyte ud 7
  • 2020081414155938d0fecb8ac8598c252dbbc7c9fa2c2061 src
  • 2020081712053671d2295e1084fa356d643e807c0b474204 src
  • 2020081713535023fb6f32dbe062fba3db2a7e65e0da0058 src
  • 20200817121701666f1081bc5641673e01ece7a651267fec src
  • 20200814141725108352300ee6cf736482c1cdf1d8830220 src
  • 2020081711281507113a10e9b82c0b59c979f9f528ecaff9 src
  • 2020081713465222306faecad77b933a346968c16e7c336a src

Biostar A520 Motherboard Lineup

In its A520MH portfolio, Biostar has one AMD A520 motherboard with a price tag of under $100 US.

  • biostar a520mh
  • biostar a520mh 2
  • biostar a520mh 3


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