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samsung neon

Samsung NEON: The Virtual human which could be on Galaxy phones soon

AI and machine learning have become the buzzwords of today’s tech world, however, with a few exceptions, people perceive them as disembodied voices like Siri or even impersonal bits and bytes that function behind...
microsoft office

Hacker sells Microsoft Office credentials of high-level executives

Until the names and accounts of higher-ups are dragged into the mainstream, data breaches are neither new nor spectacular. For instance, a recent incident of Twitter hacking targeting very high-profile users' accounts made it...

Forensics-Focused Infrared Camera GFX100 IR, announced by Fujifilm

A rare advanced GFX 100 camera variant was announced by Fujifilm. This newest update also insists on naming this camera a wide format. Due to the improved Pixel Shift functionality, this current version will...

What’s with Bakugo from My hero academia

Kohei Horikoshi has created a lot of characters in his ‘my hero academia’ province. Even the character, he willingly made unlikable and obnoxious, has turned out to be one of the fan-favorites. Katsuki Bakugo...