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There is no doubt in the mind of Paul Heyman that Roman Reigns is going to head WrestleMania 37. ‘The Chief of the Tribal’ was penciled in defense of his Edge Global Championship. But Romans would need to maneuver Daniel Bryan in Fastlane before he even gets there. Although one Hall of Famer is still lining up for the belt this year, doubt has been raised about him with The Rock after Reigns returned in 2020. It’s a match WWE Universe is going insane and will definitely break any milestone in the books of WrestleMania.

But is that really going to happen? Well, the Rock was also in touch with him over a possible Wrestle Mania battle with Reigns, according to Paul Heyman. The Tribal Chief’s Special Advisor revealed:

“If one day I could show you any of my greatest superstars in sport and fun on this earth text messages, e-mails and calls flowing into my cell, it’d make your mind burst.”

Crossover celebrities would like to walk into the Roman Reigns ring in WrestleMania in their first place. It’s not just Dwayne Johnson. One of many is The Rock.

“In many sports, top athletes yearn for the attention, prestige, heritage, and money of WrestleMania’s main event with Roman Reigns.”

The Rock and Roman Reigns

While Heyman did not disclose precisely who else was in touch with his team, he reaffirmed that Roman would be WWE’s main draw in any contest, not his rival. “It would sound like boasting, and I don’t feel the need to enhance the prestige that Roman Reigns is currently creating with his innovative performances every week.”

“It will only be my name-dropping, and there isn’t a name I can bring to you that is as spectacular as the core character of WWE’s modern-day portrayal – Roman Reigns.”

“He’s the biggest draw. He’s the end-all and be-all. He’ll be the biggest draw at WrestleMania.” It would be utterly monumental if WWE could one day fill in the blank with a name like The Rock. Still, from what I’ve seen, he’s not the only megastar involved in a match with Roman…


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