Apple By Mistake Leaks New iPhone 12

iPhone 12: How much unleashed?

Apple in 2020 tries its best to make its phone have a spectacular and different look from their predecessors. But maybe it may be true that iPhone 12 is smaller than iPhone SE. But now Apple has confirmed the news.

Based on multiple leaks iPhone 12 Pro design as expected

According to the investigation by 9to5Mac, Apple’s plan to release its smallest ever, bezel-free iPhone has just come into the limelight. This is clear from Apple’s new iOS 14 beta release. And it is the evolution of a six-year-old software feature in iOS 14 which gives the hint away. 

Battery Life: Expected

As per confirmation from the source – MySmartPrice, Apple has confirmed another iPhone 12 battery, the A2479, which is supposed for iPhone 12 Pro. This battery will give larger capacity i.e. 2815 mAh if comparing to A2431 (2775mAh) which is now expected to in iPhone Max 12 only. Unfortunately, this new capacity remains a big drop from the 3046 mAh battery within the iPhone 11 Pro and there are big battery capacity drops across the range. This is often a mystifying decision given their addition of 5G, which has notably higher power drain than 4G. In contrast, rivals have had to extend battery capacities in their 5G models, just to face still. So Apple will need to achieve some hardware and software miracles if the new models are getting to live up to their long-lasting predecessors.

Refresh Rates And New Gorilla Glass

One of the foremost controversial remaining questions on the iPhone 12 range is Apple’s final high refresh rate display decision. But one detail about these displays has just become much clear than water. Corning, during which Apple has invested $450M since 2017, has just announced “Gorilla Glass Victus” its next-generation toughened glass for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables. Corning during a handout said Gorilla Glass Victus achieved drop performance up to 2 meters when dropped onto hard, rough surfaces. Competitive aluminosilicate glasses from other manufacturers typically fail when dropped from but 0.8 meters. The corporate also said Victus has 2x the scratch resistance of its predecessor, Gorilla Glass 6, and 4x the resistance of competitive aluminosilicate glasses. Samsung is confirmed to be the primary partner, with the Note 20 Ultra coming next month, but now the iPhone 12 release date has leaked, you’ll expect them to be next in line.

Display Zoom

The culprit is ‘Display Zoom’, an accessibility tool that allows users to enlarge the interface to form text, icons, and buttons easier to ascertain. How Apple achieves this is often actually a hack. Each iPhone simply displays the interface of the subsequent smallest model with an equivalent ratio. For instance, the 19.5:9 iPhone Max models with their 6.5-inch displays show the interface of the 5.8-inch iPhones, while the 16:9 5.5-inch iPhone Plus models show the interface from a 4.7-inch iPhone 8, which itself drops right down to a 4-inch iPhone.

Apple's 5.4-inch iPhone size compared to a 5.8-inch model

But the 5.8-inch iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 don’t support Display Zoom because there’s no smaller 19.5:9 ratio iPhone. Until now. The newly released third beta of iOS 14 allows these phones to drop from their native 1125 x 2436 resolution to a lower resolution of 960 x 2079. Which 9to5Mac was able to figure and it produced buy guessing a 5.4-inch iPhone screen.

And there are two big takeaways from this. First, this rubber stamps the existence of Apple’s super portable iPhone after eye-opening battery leaks had about done so. Second, Apple may surprisingly increase the pixel density of its entry-level iPhones. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have 326ppi LCD displays, but this new resolution on a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 leads to a circa 425ppi and it’s also stepping up to OLED.

So what can we conclude?

If there’s a negative, and it’s a little one, the way Apple makes Display Zoom work means the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will now be the sole iOS 14 models to not support it. And zoom capabilities of the phone on a display this small would undoubtedly be useful for users.

That said, Apple’s approach to the entire iPhone 12 lineup is enticing. Not only will the corporate support a wider range of display sizes than any rival, but it’ll also equip them with 5G at lower cost points than the competition, upgrade their designs and take a really different approach to the iPhone 12 Pro cameras.

Yes, doubts remain about their battery capacities and HRR displays but there’s little question the iPhone 12 range comprises Apple’s most enjoyable new iPhones in years.


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