Tech giant Apple is said to be in talks with the Indian government that could end up in the company manufacturing iPads in India for the first time. As reported by Reuters the government is planning to launch an incentive scheme focused on boosting India’s computer exports, for which Apple is interested and looking for a good deal.

Reportedly, the initiative will have a budget of up to Rs. 70 billion (approx. $964 million) for five years, but tech giants are asking for Rs. 200 billion (almost triple). The reason behind this is the scale of India’s supply chain which doesn’t meet Apple’s demands.

The company already makes iPhones in India, to avoid the new import tariffs imposed by the Indian government as part of a “Make in India” initiative. According to Reuters, it is likely that iPads would be assembled in India as early as this year by its current partners which include Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron.

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