Apple patent suggests that iPhone will have the same water-ejection system as Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 2 was the first fully waterproof model, and Apple introduced an important feature to protect the internal components. Apple’s Watch has, as you may know, a water throwing system in which the speaker debar water – which can be used on iPhone in accordance with Apple’s new patent.

Apple patent suggests that iPhone will have the same water-ejection system as Apple Watch

The water ejection system from Apple Watch works using the speaker to vibrate and emit a special sound that pushes out the water that is useful when you swim or shower with your Apple Watch. 

The feature could be available on future iPhone models, as Patently Apple points out, as Apple has entered a new patent which shows this exactly. Initially submitted in 2019 by Apple, the patent was only published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The figures illustrate a water disposal system integrated into an iPhone that is similar to that found in Apple Watch Series 2 and later. It uses a speaker and a module with a hydrophobic layer to repel water, which will enhance the waterproofing of the iPhone as well as prevent speakers from failing immediately after contact with the fluid. 

This system is capable of expelling various fluid types, including freshwater, saltwater, gases, and more on the basis of a patent description. The presence of saltwater crystals can even be detected on the acoustic mesh barrier.

There are, however, no known plans to include this feature in iPhone models this year. It’s important to keep in mind that every year Apple files hundreds of patents, and not all of them are actually used in the actual product.
Slo Mo Guys, a popular YouTube channel, recently shared a stunning video of Apple Watch’s water-ejection system in action.


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