Apple Watch Series 7 features a secret 60.5GHz wireless data transfer module

We all know that Apple products support a lot of amazing features but some of them are inaccessible to users for some reason. Similarly this time, FCC filings have revealed that the Apple Watch Series 7, announced with iPhone 13 lineup in its September event, features a secret 60.5GHz wireless data transfer module which many users can’t take advantage of.

Although the company did revealed many features of the new Apple Watch including its bigger and brighter display, refractive bezels, dust resistant screen, and many more, but didn’t have a word on this feature of transferring data wirelessly.

FCC documents (first spotted by MacRumors) show that all models of the Apple Watch Series 7 have a hidden 60.5GHz wireless connection module, which only operates when the Apple Watch is put down on a proprietary “A2687” magnetic dock that also has a 60.5 GHz module inside and supports USB Type-C.

Apple Watch Series 7 secret feautre

As MacRumors puts it, this module can transfer data up to 480 Mbps similar to USB 2.0, and is only available for the company’s internal use. Meaning only Apple engineers and technicians can take advantage of this feature (this feature is not likely to be made available for users in the future).

However, there’s no word on when the new Apple Watch will be available to customers. Until then you can read about its features and full details here.


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