face id of iphone13

Screens of smartphones are the most usable part and exposed to wear and tear and even broke easily after accidental drops. iFixit has confirmed last week that the screen replacement of the iPhone 13 by a third party has a negative effect on the working of face ID. If Apple’s official tools or software are not used for screen replacement, the Face ID of iPhone 13 will not work even if the replaced screen comes from legit iPhone 13.

Now Apple is working on an update that will make iPhone 13 screen replacements much easier.

Currently, if the tiny control chip attached to the old screen is not transferred to the new screen, Face ID will not work. Apple told The verge that after the update, there is no need to transfer this tiny control chip.

face id of iphone 13

This is a great win for independent repair shops.

Apple is working on software to update and has yet not released the exact time of the update. 


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