Apocalyptic prophecy

An early AR founder has a terrible prediction related to Metaverse that it could Vanish the reality. The founder of the first functionality of AR at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Louis Rosenberg wrote in an op-ed in Big Thinking this weekend that apprised the metaverse- riveting VR and AR that is being developed by a company that was previously called Facebook and it is speculated that this creation would be a concrete space opera.

Rosenberg mentioned in an essay that “I am worried about whether powerful platforms controlling the infrastructure of AR would make licit use of AR.”

Among the concerns of Rosenberg is that the third parties in the future may introduce ” paid filter layers” which permit certain users to watch specific tags over real-life people. These tags may not be understandable to various people but will surely prove dangerous in terms of leaking bits of information about people. 

He adds that” they use the words like drunk, immigrant,atheist and racist words with in bold in the layer to tag individuals and more tactic words like Democrats and Republican. These virtual veneers could simply be outlined to boost political division, spurn precise groups, spread abhorrence and suspicion.”


He is also concerned about the fact that metaverse would create such a space that people wantonly would not be able to detach themselves from the device and would be a real threat to real-life interactions. The real thought is that it would affect every surface of life and it would be difficult, even impossible for us to let go.

Ethan Zuckerman, the director of the Initiative for Digital Infrastructure at the University of Massachusetts also wrote in The Atlantic recently mocking at Facebook that sorry, Meta’s aspiring project. Zukerman created an early version of Meta in 1994 and believes that Metaverse would do more harm than good.

Mark Zukerman stated that” Facebook vows that Metaverse is for distracting us from the world and can be considered as a helpful break.”


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