ASUS launches ROG Academy in India for Esports

ROG Academy Started 

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), a gaming hardware company has started an esports academy program designed distinctly for the ‘next generation’ gamers in India. 

Anyone above 16 years of age can register for ROG Academy as a participant, specified on the firm’s website. The first focus of the company will be emerging Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players in the region. 

Selection Process 

To find the most suitable candidates for the program, there will be a selection process for registered players including tests, interviews, and tournaments. And the one being selected will be provided ASUS ROG products and will be given professional support from the coaches and experts of the academy namely- Agneya “Marzil” Koushik and Prashant “Aequitas” Prabhakar. 


This step by ASUS ROG to open up an academy is an initiative to empower gamers to conquer at competitions and elevate the esports industry as stated by the business head of ASUS ROG – Arnold Su. This is a step to encourage and mentor budding gamers through their journey in esports and what lies ahead in this field. It will help gamers in India to fully utilize resources, mentorship, and training. 


The head coach of ROG Academy is Koushik who is the current captain of Bl4ze Esports. He will be responsible for guiding the selected participants to learn and shine out the talents. 

While Prashant “Aequitas” Prabhakar being a former professional player is the man behind the curriculum and will be responsible for keeping track of participants’ progress with the academy. Apart from this, Prabhakar is CEO of SoStronk, which deals with in-game stats of CS: GO and in-platform tournaments for players that want to improve performance. 

Gaming in India – Increasing Market

ROG Academy aims to select a total of six participants. Experts in eSports judge this initiative as a great move by ASUS ROG. They have identified the growing player base in India. This will help them make their name of the product with professionals working on them. 



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