New Asus ROG phones

Samsung commenced 2021 with the powerhouse that is the Galaxy S21 Ultra at the same time, but in all honesty, it doesn’t represent the apex of Smartphone performance. To see those, you’d need to look towards cutting edge gaming smartphones that attempt to push the hardware as far as possible without burning your hands or your home down. We probably won’t have long to stand by as there may be not one but rather two such gaming smartphones arriving in a month or two, including one from ASUS that is by all accounts blending things up a touch.

ROG, the Republic of Gamers brand, took to Chinese microblogging website Weibo to tease another smartphone just around the corner. The brand just makes one smartphone, the ASUS ROG Phone, and this is unmistakably a teaser for an early dispatch of its cutting edge portable gaming phone.

Asus rog 5

Something beyond the disclosure that it is coming shortly this year, the teaser likewise indicates what could be a significant design change on the front. Even though it might simply be a wrong render, it indicates that ASUS ROG will focus on an almost without bezel screen, something that hasn’t been a priority for gaming phones. How that will fare, particularly considering the ergonomic and strength results of the change, we’ll need to see, later on, assuming it is the genuine article.

A supposed live photograph of the following ASUS ROG phone likewise alludes to significant changes on the back and side, similar to the migration of the ROG logo to the base left and a wide white strip in the center that could be the LED shading. Gone is the “air vent” that has been a staple of the series from day 1. There red button for turning on the game mode has likewise apparently been migrated further down where it may impede the brand’s abundantly promoted “Air Triggers” usefulness.

Asus rog 4 nd 5 hands on
Credit: Revu Philippines

There’s likewise a possibility that this photograph is a fake, which tosses all speculations out the window. Inquisitively, the photograph additionally has a “05” in the center, proposing the phone will be known as the ASUS ROG Phone 5. Given how most Chinese producers skirt the unfortunate “4”, this is a chance also.



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