What if I told you, you don’t need to know how to code for making a web or mobile app?

What if I told you there was a way to manage your business on an application, that you yourself create without learning how to code?

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Well you better decide what you’re going to do if I told you that, because all your wishes have come true. Amazon Honeycode is a software in which, with basic understanding of spreadsheets, you can create an application to manage your business.

For example, as stated by the official YouTube channel of Amazon, you can create a budget approval app where approvers review requests made through the app, when the requests are approved your team can see live updates on the app.  Also, each person can see the data they are authorized to see,

All of this without any knowledge of programming? Damn right.

AWS Honeycode logo

It isn’t limited to that though,  Honeycode provides two APIs to combine their data with external applications.

Honeycode has a Visual Editor inside it to make your app look better.

There are a few easy steps to get your Honeycode app going, let’s jump into that:

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Setting Up Business Data in Tables:

Tables here work like spreadsheets but have database like capabilities.

How to create a table in AWS Honeycode

Build the App’s Layout:

Add content and add data from the tables. Set personalization, so each user sees the specific data that they need to see.

How to build the Apps layout in AWS Honeycode

Setting up Automated Actions:

These actions are run whenever specific conditions are met. Such as, when a particular data is updated.

Setting up Automated Actions ion AWS Honeycode

This app can be used on phone as well as on pc, all in all an amazing approach to make tasks easier for everybody.

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This also proves my point stated in the last post, you only die in this field when you stop learning.



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