BlackBerry 5G smartphones could launch as soon as this year

Onward mobility has opened up registration for upcoming Blackberry 5G smartphones. Those who have signed up will be updated with news on upcoming devices and can also advise shaping its development. 

For those who don’t know, once the smartphone industry was ruled by the brand Blackberry, but eventually, it just started to lose its stake when Android phones and iPhones went mainstream. It was back in 2015 when Blackberry launched its latest smartphone, afterwards it just licensed its name as well as software to other manufacturers. Onward mobility is the company that is acquiring the license of Blackberry now and is in a league of producing the latest Blackberry 5G smartphones.

Now, Onward Mobility is basically a US-based company working in the mobile security space. Mainly this company announced the licensing partnership between it and Blackberry last August. And also confirmed the release of the latest Blackberry smartphone with 5G technology sometime in the first half of the year 2021.

And as reported by Android Central, the company has now released a ‘Pre-commitment program‘ which is of course an email newsletter about the recent updates on the device. It thereby promises updates about the phone and its features also provides an option for feedback and suggestions. It is providing fans to directly influence product specifications by providing input on the development. The form is also provided with certain questions regarding the plan to purchase the latest Blackberry smartphone, of course for Blackberry fans.

Although dates of release aren’t confirmed by Onward mobility but those of you who haven’t signed up, go sign up to pre-order and receive the product before others.


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