wormholes escape

I am a very scientific person but there are a few things I have a hard time believing. One of them is that nothing tops the speed of light. I say bullshit to that because even when the universe was being created it was expanding way faster than the speed of light (I’m sure that there is an explanation to that but I believe that in the future this will be debunked.)

I also don’t believe that energy isn’t reusable. It is believed that the universe will lose all of its heat and energy and that will be the death of everything, but if the universe is all there is, then how can heat escape a closed system?

Heat doesn’t escape the Universe, it radiates out into space and fills it evenly. When every point in space is the same temperature, no useful work can be done. The only reason this isn’t happening to us on Earth is because of the Sun, but the Sun and all the other stars will burn out someday.

Wormholes concept

About the speed of light-matter can’t travel through space faster than light. The universe itself is expanding faster than light, which is why even with a light-speed ship, there are parts of the universe we could never reach unless wormholes turn out to be possible. The reason matter cannot travel faster than light is that as you approach the speed of light, the energy required to accelerate the matter grows exponentially. And to reach the speed of light, would require an infinite amount of energy. Light can travel at high speed because it is mass-less. If the tachyon particle turns out to be real, it could also theoretically travel at or above the speed of light.

About energy, the second law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I’m not sure where you heard that it could not be reused, because in a sense it can ONLY be reused. Burning coal turns the chemical energy in the coal into thermal energy which can then be turned into electrical energy. When you power your PC, that electrical energy is dissipated as heat. Energy is only ever transferred from one source to another, never created or destroyed.

Pasteurization/Germ theory of disease is the biggest lie out. Also how they suppress Tesla’s findings to keep us submissive.


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