We’re all having a hard time dealing with the fact that there is a deadly virus outside which cannot be seen, has different sets of symptoms in every host (person) and something that we can’t find a vaccine for, well yet.

We can’t do anything about it now, unless we are the doctors trying to find a cure for the virus, the government who can policies to keep people safe or the law enforcing agencies.

On the other hand, what we can do is be as careful and safe as possible in these times. Now you’ll ask me, “Navneet, why the hell are you blabbering about a medical issue on a technology related website?”.

Well, that’s because there is a way for technology to be used to be careful and stay safe. And if, god forbid, you do have the virus inside you, you can be diagnosed early.  

Now, I’m guessing we all know about the Arogya Setu application made for IOS and Android. It was the fastest growing Bluetooth application, beating Pokémon Go at 50 million users in the first 13 days of the launch.

Arogya Setu App
Aarogya Setu application

What You Need to Know

This application works on Digital Contact Tracing technology. This technology provides you with information about people you’ve been in contact with. The only information you get is that this person was tested positive for the virus, and if you’ve had very close contact with this person, you should get a checkup done.

 Most of us know how this works, but what most of forget is that your Bluetooth should be switched on at all times that you are outside meeting people. And also, you’re supposed to check the app regularly and NOT mute the notifications from the app. If by-chance you do switch off the Bluetooth, you will not get notified about any of the people you come in contact with. And that can be dangerous for you, your loved ones and most definitely your fellow earthlings.

Aarogya setu app safe
Aarogya Setu application

Why You Can Trust These Apps

Some of us might have a hard time trusting these apps, maybe have some questions in our minds like, “Will this app misuse my personal info?”, “Will it share my information with people I come in contact with?”, “Can they access my bank, Paytm, Google Pay details?” etc.

All of you can stop worrying and install this app immediately. Though this app will ask for your mobile number, but that is only for the purpose of generating a one-time password for your login.

Some Useful Apps for Other Countries

Australia : COVIDSafe

Azerbaijan: e-Tabib

Bahrain: BeAware Baharain

Bangladesh: Corona Tracer BD

China: I’ll let you google it 😛

Colombia: CoronApp (nice wordplay)

Czech Republic: eRouška

Denmark: SmitteStop

France: StopCovid

Germany: Corona-Warn-App

Ghana: GH Covid-19 Tracker App


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