CS:GO's Prime Ranked Matchmaking is no longer free to access

Valve newly rolls out a big update for CS:GO, removes your capability to access Prime ranked matchmaking for free. Earlier, you could get Prime Status by collecting XP until you reach level 21 and associating a phone number with your account. Now, the only way to get the status and the option to be matched with other Prime players has to pay $15 for the upgrading.

You won’t be able to earn XP if you don’t have Prime status, and with that, you can’t earn Ranks, drops, or skill groups as well. According to people’s feedback, it seems like you can keep your status if you’ve already reached it by taking the free path. Although, if you were not able to reach level 21 before the update, you only have until June 17th to purchase the upgrade to renew the XP and Skill Groups you’ve already earned. By accomplishing those changes, Valve might increase your chances of getting matched with other players serious enough about the game to pay $15 for it.

If you don’t choose to pay for the upgrade then you won’t be able to participate in ranked matches anymore. Valve has brought out unranked matches for Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone game modes, even so, which anybody on CS:GO can access. It has excised Scrimmage from Competitive matchmaking and replaced it with unranked that pairs people up from a pool of Non-Prime and Prime players. As per the update’s patch notes, unranked still uses skill-based matchmaking, but that doesn’t affect Skill Group and has no Skill Group party restrictions.

CS:GO's Prime Ranked Matchmaking is no longer free to access
Prime players has to pay $15 (Rs. 1,140) for the upgrading

So far, we’ve discussed Valve’s latest update for CS:GO introducing changes to both non-prime and prime status accounts. The prime status upgrade is only possible if you purchase it in-game or via the steam store, now you won’t be able to access it for free. CS:GO players who wish to play ranked matchmaking must have a prime status account as this game mode is unavailable for non-prime accounts.

So, this was all about the latest update. Do let us your opinion on these latest changes in the comment section and till then stay tuned for further updates.


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