Counter-Strike fan creates a Fully Playable version of CS: GO on Nintendo DS

A clever Youtuber and fan of classic shooter Counter-Strike have somehow created a fully playable version of the game on a Nintendo DS, with a system to aim and fire using the DS stylus. This crazy combo of a classic handheld system and the game which is considered a classic in the FPS genre brings back some serious nostalgia.

Released more than two decades ago, Counter-Strike, with the sequel Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), which came out in 2012, is one of those games that brings a lot of nostalgia for many gamers.

Many gamers will gladly remember the Valve multiplayer FPS title Counter-Strike as It was something of a great milestone in online first-person tactical action. It was originally designed as a mod for Half-Life but eventually became a separate game on its own. That aside, the game is still popular among some diehard fans as one talented Counter-Strike fan created a fully playable version of the classic shooter for the Nintendo DS and as it turns out, we can aim and shoot with the stylus.

First spotted by Dexerto, one of the Counter-Strike fans, known as Fewnity has demonstrated the game as it would appear on a DS Lite. The video for the same is on youtube and it is just under twenty seconds long but is enough to show how the game will look and play on the classic handheld console. It also allows the players to use the DS stylus to aim and fire, thereby making full use of the console.

It should also be noted that Fewnity has not just ported the game but they have also implemented numerous updates to this version, keeping it as up-to-date as possible. The game’s characters may look like some people from Roblox than counter-terrorists, “but for an FPS on a handheld system like Nintendo DS, which is over a decade and a half old, it doesn’t look too shabby at all.”

The effort of Fewnity, clearly reveals that just how committed the Counter-Strike franchise fans are when it comes to nostalgic PC games. To stay updated with this project and get a chance to play it when it’s finished, be sure to follow Fewnity on YouTube for further progress.



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