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We’re in the cyber age, to be precise “Industrial Revolution IV.”

Even though we’re having fun talking to Apple’s Siri or enjoying giving orders to Amazon’s Alexa, there are still some things we should be worried about.  When I say ‘worried’ I don’t mean we should stop using the internet altogether or the mobile devices. Your life will be kind of mundane if you think about it.


 Let’s get to the facts and try to understand what the problem is.

Where Is the Threat?

There were about 2 devices in each home, connected to the internet, in 2014. In 2020, we have more than 6 in each home. So, there is a threefold potential threat increase in a single household.

What Threat?

Cyber-threats may involve criminal activities such as fraud, theft, forgery, defamation and mischief.

All of you naïve ones must be thinking ‘what an amazing place to be, the internet’, at least before you read this post.

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Well, it still is if you use it carefully.

The cyber-attacks are not related to just personal vendetta, it is a much bigger game than you see right now. The highest number of cyber-attacks on India have been done by China, followed by USA. It isn’t like India doesn’t do cyber-attacks. But first and foremost is our own safety. In this time of the Covid19 pandemic, Indian hospitals were at great risk of Cyber-Attacks. Even the Indian government was warned. Since usually, the government has computer systems which are outdated and at a greater risk of being hacked.

What not to do?

  • The first thing you should always keep in mind is that if you have any of the following things, you are a potential target for cyber-attacks:
  1. Money (in banks or online)
  2. Data (id, usernames, passwords)
  • Don’t be the happy go lucky person who thinks nothing can go wrong in his/her life.
  • Never make transactions on an unknown machine (a computer or any other device that isn’t yours) or using a network that you don’t own.
  • Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. They can be hackers trying to steal your info.
  • Property theft isn’t the only kind of threat, your identity can be stolen (trust me that’s the worst).
  • Never share any passwords, intimate pictures or any sort of information that can EVER be used against you. Not even with the so called “love of your life”, trust me on this.

What to do?

  • Set strong passwords. What are strong passwords? No, not your gf/bf’s name, not your favorite food, color, movie character, anime etc. Basically, nothing anyone can guess. Make it a random set of numbers and characters.
  • Have a 2-factor authentication system everywhere, look it up and add it to all your possible logins.
  • Be strict about what you share and don’t share with your friends, and people you know.
  • Online dating seems fun unless it’s a honey trap. Be careful with what data or information you provide them. If she acts like she loves you in a day or two, buddy you’re in trouble. Run!

So, all you have to do is be a little crazy about your own safety, trust me crazy is good here. Be careful. Stay safe!


  1. @pallavi, Maam you can usually trust the web giants like google and facebook etc. But no one can assure you complete security because every lock made has a key. The only thing you can do is be discrete about your private data as much as you can. I hope i have cleared the doubt.


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