Dr Disrespect, a popular YouTube streamer, as the former Call of Duty map designer recently announced on stream that he wants to return to his game design roots, saying that it could be time to create a new, mature, “billion-dollar IP.”

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to game design, and he’s certainly no stranger to criticizing the present state of the gaming industry. Doc, who has previously criticized Warzone’s developers, suddenly appears ready to be the solution he desires.

The Two-Time informed his viewers that it could be time for him to step up and help design the next great game, referring to a stale, seemingly monopolized field of popular games.

As reported by Dexerto, Doc worked as a community manager at Sledgehammer Games before moving on to level design and helping to create many of the multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In Rogue Company, he recently assisted in the creation of his own map. He’s now ready to take things to the next level and develop his own game.

Doc told the Champions Club that it just might be time for a new competitor to enter the fray. “Look at the competition, man. The industry is starving for the next big idea, it’s pretty apparent.” Noting that the gaming market is dominated by “three, four games.”

Doc specified that the game needs one single selling factor to set it apart. “We just need to make our own game. Get a little budget, get some funding, you know? Maybe raise $20-25 million — and just go and build a billion-dollar IP.” 

dr disrespect
Fans have already noticed Doc’s perhaps intentional background, which includes a “GameIdea 1” folder.

Doc’s understanding of the present market, along with his game design experience, indicates he could support the development of a new IP. Clearly still in the planning stages, one has to wonder whether Dr Disrespect will be taking his violence, speed, and momentum to a new, “mature” IP in the future.



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