Dr. DisRespect taking Break From Warzone and looking forward to Battlefield 6

Disappointing news for fans of famous streamer Dr. DisRespect as he is losing interest in streaming Call of Duty: Warzone. If for a long time there will no more alternatives to Warzones he will take a break from streaming. It comes to notice when Dr. DisRespect got frustrated during streaming Warzone and said he would take a break from streaming and someone asks him about its time to BattleField 6 come out and he agrees on it!

Dr. DisRespect during streaming Call of Duty: Warzone on June 1 said (via Dexerto) that he is thinking to take a break from streaming if for long there is no alternative to Warzone. After two rough games, he also said that over from Warzone and a viewer ask him about the time for BattleField 6. On this note, he agrees upon that. He said this when he was loading into a match around 4:48:38 and this was the last match of the day.

He also said that he only wants to put only real content rather than fake content as other creators do. He was also looking forward to the E3 event where Battlefield new game will be launch as he does not know what they will be going to show. He also talked about another upcoming game Halo Infinite.

Battlefield 6 will be going to launch in the E3 event which is scheduled for June 9. On this day it is going to reveal some glimpse of the next Battlefield and let gamers like Dr. DisRespect know what to expect from this game. After the release of this game fans of Dr. Disrespect will get to know if he is going to play Battlefield 6 or taking a break from Call of Duty: Warzone or from streaming.

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