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Dr. Disrespect stays one of the world’s most mainstream streamers and content creators, regardless of whether his perpetual expulsion from Twitch is as yet covered in mystery and disarray.

The mustached maverick has settled in on YouTube, routinely pulling in a huge number of watchers as he adds some violence, speed, and energy to every one of the games he plays. Right now, those games are generally Call of Duty: Warzone and Riot Games’ Valorant.

While talking about the titles (thanks Dextro), Doc clarified why he’s appreciating the game’s pair, and why he believes COD’s battle royale is awesome is right now.

His remarks were provoked by a viewer, who suggested that Warzone is “dead” and that COD players are “hurting” as a result of it. Doc disagreed, saying: “I think Warzone is a completely different [game]. You understand what I like about this, when I go to Warzone I understand what I’m going to get. I’m going to get a fix of presumably the funniest BR out there, as I would like to think.”

He contrasted COD’s battle-royale with Apex Legends, depicting the latter as “cool”, yet saying the complete experience of the Warzone is the thing that separates it.

“You kind of get everything with Warzone,” he wrapped up. “It’s speedy and you understand what you’re getting and you’re landing hot and you’re continually getting engaged. It’s that fix, it’s that experience. In any case, Valorant is only a decent difference. I love where we’re at, going to and fro. We’re getting the full range.” Unmistakably Valorant is giving Doc the slow, strategic shooter gameplay he craves, while Warzone fulfills his need of speedy disorder.

Warzone has established itself as one of the three top fight royale titles, close by Fortnite and Apex Legends. PUBG has an enormous player base as well, although its prevalence in Europe and the United States has wained essentially.

Warzone Apex Legends PUBG Fortnite

Apex Legends is setting new player tally records, Fortnite gives no indications of slowing down. Yet, right now, it’s most likely not a stretch to recommend Warzone is the ‘hot’ pick of all the battle royales.

It’s as yet a striking case to say it’s the most fun battle royale there is, however the large numbers of players playing proposes the Doc isn’t the only one in his affirmations.



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