Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer has finally arrived On PC, with crossplay and cross-gen-play coming soon - Craffic

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online multiplayer mode, set to release on March 9 for Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and Amazon Luna, has delayed indefinitely for PC due to crashing issues on “certain GPUs”, along with Tactical Ops mode to March 23, Ubisoft has announced in a post on Twitter.

“Before we launch online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion, we want to make you aware of a few things that have just come to our attention. We’ve identified an issue in the PC version that can cause the game to crash for players with certain GPUs,” Ubisoft said on the game’s Twitter account. “We’ve made the decision to wait to launch the PC version of multiplayer until this is fixed.”

In a Twitter post, Ubisoft also confirms that they have identified an issue with Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia versions of Tactical Ops that is “causing the game to crash,” and “limited in-game text chat” problems on PlayStation 4/ 5 versions of Watch Dogs: Legion. Its dev team is currently working on a fix for this, which will drop on March 23 along with its flagship mode Tactical Ops for all consoles.

According to Ubisoft, the online multiplayer will take place after the events of the game’s main campaign and will include co-op modes, Tactical Ops, Missions, and a new PvP deathmatch arena. And news of its indefinite delay on PC is not good for PC players who’ve been waiting for months to team up and hack London.



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