Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer has finally arrived On PC, with crossplay and cross-gen-play coming soon - Craffic

After delaying it earlier this month, Ubisoft has now finally released the long-awaited Online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion on PC as part of its 3.22 title update which has arrived on March 20 on PC along with other platforms as well.

The Online mode which is has already been available for console players since March 9, comes to PC as a part of latest 14.4GB patch. This new patch also includes several bug fixes related to ray-tracing, game-crashing issues while turning on the in-game benchmark, and also periodic crashes while playing online.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode includes new cooperative missions, a new streamlined recruitment system, random events in a shared open world for four players, racing events, PvP-arenas with robots. New streamlined recruitment system allows players to recruit anyone within the online world by spending influence points.

An another multiplayer mode titled Tactical Op will be release on all platforms March 23. It will introduce endgame-level missions according to Ubisoft. According to reports Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer will also support crossplay between various platforms, as well as cross-generational play. So it can be possible that we will see these features included in the future updates.

However for now, there are still some issues left in Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer on PC, as per the first players’ feedback. And considering that Ubisoft has advised all fans to head to the game’s bug reporter to report all the problems. So that its dev team can fix them as soon as possible.


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