Apex Legends will soon get permanent solo queue option, but there's a catch - Craffic

Respawn Entertainment and EA have revealed that along with launching Apex Legends for Switch and its Chaos Theory Collection Event on March 9, it will also introduce a “No-Fill” solo queue option letting its players enter the game completely alone. Now “No-Fill” might sound good for lone wolve players who don’t want to play with a squad filled out of strangers or squadmates sprinting here and there, but trust me it’s not completely what you asked for.

Apex Legends: No-Fill toggle option

Respawn has previously introduced some temporary solo modes to Apex Legends, but due to their poor performance, they never thought to make them a permanent option. Well then comes this new “No-Fill” toggle option, which lets some hotshot players test their luck in the game without taking any help from team spirit. When this feature will become available, players in the lobby have to uncheck a checkbox called “Fill Matchmaking” to enter into the battle without adding any teammates.

However, being solo doesn’t mean you’ll get any advantages, rather you still have to face duos or trios in the battle arena (more like a new difficulty level), and to no make it a habit Respawn Entertainment will allow only six solo players in an any given game. Also, you can’t use solo queuing in the game’s Ranked mode.

“No-Fill” will be a permanent addition to the game, while the “Chaos Theory” event is set to begin on March 9 and will run until March 23. Chaos Theory event will bring some slew of themed skins and heirlooms along with some major functional changes and “situational utilities” including a new Heat Shield to deal with damage while outside-the-ring and a Ring Fury “Escalation Takeover” too.



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