Hey readers, if you are also a fan of ‘Need For Speed‘ games then here’s sad news for you people. EA has delisted all the old Need for Speed games which were published between 2000 and early 2010s. Well, delisting basically means in-game stores will no longer be available, and also the online services get retired officially.

What’s The Reason Behind The Delisting Of ‘Need For Speed’ Games!!

Well, the developers made a post on Reddit mentioning the announcement of delisting the ‘Need for Speed’ games. Although obviously, they are upset about it as they wrote in the post that decisions to retire games are never made easy.

But they have to do so because, despite a lot of efforts put in by the development team and operational staff into creation, play, release, and development, etc., the number of players has come to a point where it’s no longer feasible to continue the work.

Which games get delisted?

Talking about the delisted games, EA has basically delisted those games which were published between 2000 and 2010.

The games delisted are:

  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • Need for Speed Shift
  • Need for Speed Undercover
  • Need for Speed Shift-2 : Unleashed
  • Need for Speed The Run

The developers did so in order to focus on the future of Need for Speed.

Fans reaction on delisting of ‘Need For Speed’ Games

Moreover, the EA developers mentioned that The Need for Speed games are delisted from the digital platforms. The in-game store will be unavailable from 31st May and after it, you won’t be able to make any further purchases. While the online servers will shut on September 1, 2021. Until then you will be able to play and race and also if you have previously purchased the game then you will be able to use that but offline only.


On this, the reaction of fans seems mixed. On the one hand, some responded to the decision in an understanding way while some were upset and wanted a little more time so that they could make purchases. Also, some fans asked the developers to allow gamers to make their own servers for the games but obviously, that’s not possible for security reasons.

Well readers this was all about the post, do tell us in the comment section below what you felt about the delisting of Need for Speed games.


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