Scotsman: World’s first custom 3D printed carbon fiber electric scooter built with the connected generation in mind

The Scotsman is an electric scooter that has two wheels, an electric motor, and a handlebar but it’s far cry from your budget city commutes. This has been purposely designed for the connected generation in mind and comes with features like 4G and GPS. Basically, this means that wherever you go you will always remain connected and it will help you to track your routes as you go about your day-to-day life.

The electric scooter features a pretty sleek design and is built from carbon fiber that makes it easy to bring around as it is lighter than other scooters out there and especially if you want to fold it up and carry it with you.

The Scotsman is available in five different colors and also has an integrated LED headlight and taillight, 10-inch air-filled tires, and an LCD display however the battery units are detachable so that you can put them in a bag for transport as well.

There’s is no surprise that the Scotsman comes with a high price tag as it has good looks and customization. Its price starts from $ 2,999 to $ 4,499. Although the scooters are currently available for pre-order at Indiegogo for up to 56% off and for more details you can visit the Indiegogo page.

However, Scotsman is a U.S. scooter brand that produces lightweight and impact-resistance scooters by using advanced carbon fiber composite materials and innovative 3D printing manufacturing and every unit is custom-built for customers according to their size, riding styles, and use case.

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