Microsoft Edge is upgrading its security

New Microsoft Edge’s update lets its users get online without worrying about secure connections. Microsoft has revealed its plan in which Edge will now automatically switch its user connections to websites from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS.

After Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge wants its users to believe that they are protected online.

Microsoft claimed that the update would keep Edge users protected from the middle attacks, where hackers attempt to target web traffic when the pages are being loaded, redirecting victims to a different location as per the blog post of the company.

“Automatic HTTPS switches your connections to websites from HTTP to HTTPS on sites that are highly likely to support the more secure protocol.”  

“The list of HTTPS-capable websites is based on Microsoft’s analysis of the web, and helps enable a more secure connection on hundreds of thousands of top domains,” the company said.

As per claims anyone visiting a website that causes Edge to display a “not secure” message will see check their connection and change it from HTTP to HTTPS on sites the browser believes are highly likely to support the more secure protocol.

Microsoft Edge is upgrading its security

Microsoft will make this decision based on “known-capable domains” from its internal analysis of the web, which will make thousands of connections secure. 

Microsoft won’t let any pop-up notifications or interruptions that could be a barrier in their connection and advises website owners to serve all content over HTTPS.

The HTTPS upgrade is currently for users of Microsoft Edge 92 in the Canary and Developer preview channels. For this feature, you need to open edge://settings/privacy and select “Automatically switch to more secure connections with Automatic HTTPS.”

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