Microsoft finally bringing Edge to Linux users next month

After so long, Edge is finally coming to Linux earlier this year. Microsoft announced that Linux users and developers will be able to download a preview of the browser in October from the Microsoft Edge Insider website or from their native Linux package manager.

Features of Microsoft’s Edge browser for Linux

However, Microsoft isn’t discussed how many features of Edge’s Windows and macOS versions will be available on Linux just yet, but it’s likely that the vast majority of features will make their way across. Microsoft will start preview version with Ubuntu and Debian distributions, while support for Fedora and OpenSUSE coming afterwards.

Microsoft Edge on Linux
Pic Credit: Microsoft

Once Microsoft releases the first preview in October, it plans to ship weekly builds in sync with the Dev channel on Windows and macOS. Microsoft also promises that the developer tools, extensions, test automation, WebDriver, and Puppeteer will all be going to work. Some user scenarios, like connected services like check-in and sync, won’t be available, as those will arrive in future previews. Edge for Linux will eventually get Beta and Stable channels, of course, but Microsoft wouldn’t plan to a time-frame for either.

Edge’s Linux preview is part of Microsoft’s initiative to make it “the browser for business.” Microsoft is also announced today at the Ignite event that it’s making it easier for IT admins to manage the web Explorer mode found in Edge. It’s a mode that helps businesses who use older sites more securely without having to touch Internet Explorer itself. Microsoft is trying to bid farewell to the Internet Explorer fully next year by dropping its support across its Microsoft 365 apps and services on August 17th, 2021.

Latest features + kiosk mode for Microsoft Edge “coming soon”

Microsoft Edge kiosk mode
Pic Credit: Microsoft

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft also announced a bunch of latest Edge upgrades that are “coming soon.” WebView2, which is decoupled from specific versions of Windows, will be available for C/C++ and .NET by the end of this year. Once available, any Windows app are going to be ready to embed a web page using Chromium Edge. Microsoft is additionally creating a kiosk mode for the new Microsoft Edge which will be available in preview soon.

Businesses will be able to use it to create a locked-down browser tailored browsing experience on Windows 10 for kiosks and digital signage. This is meant to exchange the favored kiosk mode in Microsoft Edge Legacy, the version that’s not supported Chromium and can lose support on March 9, 2021.



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