After the reports that a possible data breach at the top games studio “Activision” may have allowed hackers to acquire the usernames and passwords of 500K customer accounts. The company has told in a tweet that accounts have not been compromised and reports suggesting are inaccurate.

Where it all started

As Reported by Dexerto, over 500,000 Activision accounts have reportedly been hacked, with log-ins being leaked publicly. And hackers are then changing the account details, making it so that the original owners can’t recover them.
This data breach was firstly noticed by a Twitter user oRemmy yesterday. And further confirmed by many content creators including Prototype Warehouse, Okami, and TheGamingRevolution.


Activision’s take on this

As like the games they made, Company is basically saying that these reports are fictional. There was no breach and no Call of Duty accounts were compromised, according to the company’s tweet. The company, however, taking the opportunity to caution users to take necessary caution in safeguarding their accounts.

These accounts are mainly used to log into many Call of Duty titles, including Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Mobile. They can also be attached to other titles if you own any.

And if the hack did take place as reported, the only way to keep your account safe is by changing your password. As the company does not offer two-factor authentication in their accounts. We also suggest you to unlink your Battlenet, PSN, Xbox, or other accounts associated with your this account to protect those as well.

And as these data breaches are often used to hack into other sites you should also change the passwords of other services that have the same password as that of your Activision account to safeguard them.



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