Resident Evil VIII’s release date has been leaked as part of a massive breach of Capcom records, spoiling info about new games, and placing personal data at risk. 

The latest Capcom hack resulted in the leakage of a lot of confidential details, including the release date for the Resident Evil Village. The upcoming survival horror game is the sequel to Resident Evil 7, the second most popular video game Capcom has ever made. The sequel follows a pair of remakes of the second and third games in the franchise, both of which have enjoyed tremendous popularity.

Earlier this month, Capcom was struck by a big data leak. Hackers breached the private server of the company and took a lot of details before the company shut them down. Despite initial reports to the contrary, hackers may have access to personal information from as many as 350,000 Capcom customers. Luckily, credit card information was not impacted, but this is still a big breach and one with serious repercussions. People shouldn’t have to place their personal details on the line to play a video game, after all.

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Along with this personal info, the hackers seem to have gotten their hands on some crucial info about Capcom’s potential launches. This information was shared on ResetEra, along with a copy of the ransom note sent by the hackers to Capcom when they encrypted the company’s files. There are some fairly significant bits of news exposed in this leak, particularly with regard to the current Resident Evil game.

The leak claims that Resident Evil Village will be targeting the April update and that Capcom will be publishing a demo in advance. Apparently, the game will also be launched on current-gen platforms, a practice shared by several games published during the transition period. A version of Resident Evil 4 for the Oculus VR headset has also been leaked, as well as a new multiplayer Resident Evil in the form of a royal war.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Leaks are usually the least secure way to keep up-to-date with the video game industry and are generally not to be sponsored either. This hack has put thousands of people’s personal data at risk, and this is far more important than knowing when a video game is going to be published. A lot of information was made available before its time, and as thrilling as it is, one can never forget how dangerous and unethical these hacks are. 

This isn’t the first time that critical video game data has leaked online, and it’s not going to be the last. The internet is full of people who have the expertise and lack of scruples required to execute such an act. One can only hope that Capcom will learn from this experience and strengthen its cybersecurity, or that information about Resident Evil Village won’t be the worst thing it’s losing.


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