EBO Smart Robot: Your smart and interactive Familybot

In today’s busy world when it is difficult to care for our loved ones while going to work, Enabot has tried to help us with the same. Enabot has developed the EBO Smart Robot which can be left with our loved ones in our absence. But before leaving it at home in our absence, we need to know about it.

What is EBO Smart Robot?

EBO is a smart robotic toy that helps you to interact, communicate and connect with your family, including your pets, anytime, anywhere. This robot also promises to entertain our loved ones while we’re busy and runs autonomously like a robot vacuum.

How do the EBO Smart Robot works?

EBO Smart Robot has Wi-Fi connectivity, a full 1080p HD camera, a pair of powerful speakers and microphones, and motorized wheels. It can be controlled with a simple touch of a screen. With the help of the EBO app, one can access its home and communicate with family.

It can be programmed to give company to children, pets, and whose soever it is. The surveillance feature monitors every corner of the house and lets’ know when suspicious activities are detected, which makes the EBO Smart Robot a perfect home security robot and comes in two models, the EBO AIR and EBO SE.

Features of EBO Smart Robot


The EBO Smart Robot with motorized rides smoothly around the house and on all types of surfaces, including rugs and carpets. EBO’s tumbler design allows it to quickly right itself up after a fall.


It can be controlled using the EBO app which connects through Wi-Fi and helps you to access your home from anywhere in the world.

Two-Way Communications

It has microphones and speakers, which helps in two-way communication.

Enabled with Camera

EBO Smart Robot is equipped with a 1080p full HD camera to capture photos and videos and all data is stored locally.


It can record 24-hour video and has motion detection, and infra-red night vision. This smart familybot can go places where CCTV could not reach.

Smart Features

The EBO Smart Robot uses advanced ToF technology, that can detect all sorts of obstacles ahead. When needed it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents and falls at all costs. When low on power, it automatically returns to its charging dock.

Bionic Adaptability

It is programmed to adjust its behavior and voice accordingly.

AI Features

With AI technology, the EBO Smart Robot can identify family and pets and automatically record, track and follow them.

Specifications of EBO Smart Robot

EBO Smart Robot - EBO AIR and EBO SE specs

EBO comes with a USB Cable, Charging stand, adapter, and a 16 GB SD card.

Concerns and problems with EBO Smart Robot

One of the most popular concerns on the Kickstarters FAQ page about the EBO Smart Robot was about its security and privacy so that no one can hack in and see the inside of your home. Another problem raised is can it map the whole house due to the limited local computing power.

Previously, it was complained by the customers that the EBO app was not working on Android phones, but we are not sure regarding it will work this time. Heating could be the other issue in some of the cases.


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