Epic deploys hotfix to address a 'bug' in the Epic Games Store launcher

Despite great holiday sales and free game giveaways are going on The Epic Games Store, many PC users are still not happy with Epic. As a recent bug in the Epic Games Store launcher is causing CPUs to see significant temperature spikes when users launch the app, ultimately affecting PC hardware.

This issue first gained traction, when a Reddit post by user Neoncarbon (thanks PC Gamer) claimed that the app had a dramatic effect on his AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU temps. Prompting several other users to see if they also having problems with temperature and battery life on PC laptops.

Closing the app reduced temp by as much as 20C for some. The folks at HotHardware firstly verified the abnormal activity of the Epic Games Store launcher and said: “Taking a look at the task manager, we noted that the Epic Games launcher is lighting up cores and keeping some of them lit even while seemingly doing nothing, and not even updating a game in the background.”

CPU heat up due to epic games store

They also claim that the launcher was “firing off data at regular intervals to over 22 different servers,” regardless of whether the launcher was in the foreground, background, or minimized.

But fortunately, Epic’s director of publishing strategy, Sergiy Galyonkin took Twitter and said that the team is aware of the issue which is due to a “bug” in the launcher.

And as you can see in the tweet above, an 11.0.2 hotfix is now available, which is not a complete fix for the issue at a time, “but things should improve.” To apply it, just head into the Settings section and it will be listed at the top. Regardless, if you’re still having the bug issues, we suggest you to close the app for a few days. As more fixes are undoubtedly on the way.



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