ESPN Making Fall Guys Documentary About TimTheTatman

It’s been a few months since TimTheTatman, possibly the worst Fall Guys player in the streaming world, caused the internet to implode since winning his first Crown in the hard “kids’ game,” and ESPN unveiled a trailer for a documentary detailing Tim’s path to his first victory. Although his battle with Fall Guys was difficult to watch at the moment, ESPN’s documentary looks exciting.

On August 4th, Fall Guys was launched on PC and PlayStation 4 and took over Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube immediately. TimTheTatman is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and averages between 20k and 40k viewers per stream everywhere. Tim immediately jumped on the Fall Guys bandwagon, though slow to launch, and started his exhausting quest to earn a Crown. TimTheTatman failed to understand the mechanics of the game that much that the Fall Guys Twitter relentlessly threatened Tim before he claimed the Crown. n August 19th, Tim eventually captured his first Fall Guys Crown after eight days and 600 straight loses.

He had over 300k simultaneous viewers at the top of Tim’s Fall Guys stream, which is a lot by Twitch’s standards. Seeing the dedication and enthusiasm created around this single case, following the tale of Tim’s first win, ESPN has taken it upon itself to make a documentary. A trailer for the forthcoming documentary named Fall Guys: The Saga Continues A TimTheTatman Story has been revealed by ESPN Esports’ Twitter handle. The documentary will track Tim’s eight-day quest to regain his dignity and stars the gaming world with some familiar faces.

Other Streamers in TimTheTatman Documentary

Snippets from the film have been seen in the ESPN documentary trailer, which includes interviews with other creators, gaming influencers, and Tim himself. Familiar faces like Nadeshot, the creator of 100 Thieves, and Oliver Hindle, community manager of Fall Guys, will weigh in on how they viewed the case. It will be quite interesting to hear Hindle’s opinion, as he had a lot to do with creating the buzz surrounding Tim’s first victory.

ESPN Making Fall Guys Documentary About TimTheTatman

Many audiences started to theorise that Tim’s 600 direct losses were part of an intricate scene created by TimTheTatman and Fall Guys. While Tim notes in the trailer that he is not sure whether after his first victory he would ever feel the way he did again, if it turned out that the case was a fake, it would be a fascinating twist to the ESPN documentary. However, Fall Guys and TimTheTatman are back at it again, receiving yet more attention from one of the biggest news networks in the world.


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