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MagSafe magnets

Apple says iPhone 12 and Magsafe can impact Pacemakers

It was reported a few weeks ago a study suggested that the addition of the MagSafe magnets to Apple's iPhone 12, could interfere with medical implants such as pacemakers. The company had recently had...
remastered gta characters

These Remastered GTA characters by Hossein Diba worth a closer look

Talented character artist Hossein Diba has recreated the characters of GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV. As firstly highlighted by Kotaku Diba has turned the ugly old characters of the GTA...

Crypto Miner installs six NVIDIA RTX 3080 on BMW i8’s trunk, just “to annoy...

Tom's Hardware has shared photographs from an individual named Simon Byrne. As per the publication and as outlined in the pictures, Byrne made a small scale cryptocurrency mining rig in the rear of his...
is time relative or absolute

Is Time Relative Or Not?

We all know what time is l. What do you think the time is? Do you think the time is only one-directional or it is a bidirectional thing? If we wouldn't have learned to...