Black PS5 Sales Got Canceled Due to Serious Threats

A custom black PS5 version went up for sale last week via the SUP3R5 website, offering the PS5 to look sleek and classic—which is currently only available in a white version. The systems were almost instantly out of stock on the web, but after what the site claims were threats to its protection, orders have been refunded and the product is no longer available at all.

A tweet on the now-deleted Twitter account of the company said the sale did not go as expected, according to VGC, as players were billed without knowing if they had managed to cop a unit, and a later post said existing orders were cancelled because of threats to the safety of the staff.

“Last night, our staff started receiving serious threats to their safety,” the store said that in the declaration. “We find these warnings seriously. We are not prepared to risk the safety and well-being of our team, or the possible effects it could bring to delivering your order.”

Black PS5

Will There be Any Black PS5?

The store did not rule out a potential sale, but if you’d like to change them out, it seems for now that you will have to wait for Sony or some other third party company to sell custom faceplates. Last year, before getting a legal threat from Sony, a site initially called Platestation 5 offered its own substitute plates for pre-order. These shipments were cancelled.

DBrand, the accessories business, stated this year it will market its own customized matte black PS5 faceplates. Sony is also being encouraged to try a lawsuit and does not feel it will have to stop making them.



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