YouTuber Bought World’s Largest PlayStation 5 for $70,000

PlayStation 5 – Customized by YouTuber

For a common person to buy a PlayStation 5 is a bit difficult but a YouTuber managed to buy the world’s largest PS5 for a hefty amount of money and not even stopped here, he went on to paint it up. Sony’s new console is already a monster of a machine in the original size with a 15.4 inches height and weighing around 9.9 lbs. 

Size of PS5

This size has caused the shipper to delay their shipments in the UK. This site is due to the more powerful cooling fan to keep the system’s current-gen technology functional as stated by Sony engineers. But regular PlayStation 5 has nothing to do with the largest PS5 in this video. YouTube artist and tech customizer ZHC recently purchased the world’s largest PlayStation 5 for about $70,000 which stands at 10 feet in height and weighing around 500lbs. And it works exactly fine and the DualSense controller comes in the equivalently same size. 

ZHC straightway went on the job giving 100 hours of painting time on PlayStation 5 with a shared video on YouTube. He designed the PS5 into beautiful space and ocean-themed murals to boost his skills in front of his friends. PlayStation 5 has been the most successful launch in the recent year beating Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch in launch-day sales in November. 

Creative Minds

The sight of the watch is seeing ZHC customizing his 10 ft tall, 500 lb, fully functional PlayStation 5 and it is a must to watch after him spending $70,000 along with investing 100 hours to paint it. This is not the first time of him doing so, he has done such videos on cell phones, iPad tablets, and gaming consoles on his YouTube channel. So for this giant PS5, he needs to have big enough room to store this which is a challenging task. 



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