iPhone SE 3, Airpods Pro 2 Could Launch in April 2021

We’ve heard reports of new iPads as well as the iPhone 13 coming at some point in 2021, but this year Apple seems to have plenty of other devices on the way, and we might have a new iPhone SE and AirPods Pro 2 as early as April.

According to the Japanese blog MacOtakara, which is always accurate in its predictions for Apple and also has close ties to Asian suppliers of Apple’s components. In addition to that launch month, it does not give us any more information on the devices.

At this point, the AirPods Pro 2 surely feel somewhat overdue, the originals debuted in October 2019, and each year Apple often updates its products. Over the last few months, we have encountered a whole series of rumours about what might be in store.

iPhone SE 3 and Airpods Pro 2 Could Launch in April 2021

There has been some doubt as to whether Apple would update the AirPods Pro or release the earbuds in a cheaper, Lite version. And maybe, the new headphones would not arrive until late 2021.

Is the iPhone SE 3 News Confirmed?

As for the 2021 iPhone SE, that would essentially be the iPhone SE 3, it’s once again a product we’ve received many leaks and rumours about. What Apple is starting to plan with its budget phone is still not clear.

What we know for a fact is the second generation of iPhone SE arrived last year in April. With a home button and Touch ID on board, it maintains the classical iPhone design, and also has a display that’s just 4.7 inches from corner to corner.

A release date for the iPhone SE (2021) in April 2021 would align its predecessor, but it is worth remembering that the very first iPhone SE broke cover in 2016-this is not really a phone that Apple has updated on an annual schedule previously.

In fact, one of the industry’s most notable Apple analysts has been recorded as saying that the next iPhone SE will not appear until the second half of 2021, so we’re going to have to wait and see who has the correct information.



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