Apple airpods crackling and static noise issue

When on your AirPods Pro you hear static or crackling sounds, be assured: you’re healthy it’s just the AirPods. The sound problems are indeed a problem with Apple and the company will fix them for you for free.

On Friday, Apple unveiled a support program for AirPods Pro produced before October 2020. According to Apple, users with affected devices can hear crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments while exercising or talking on the phone. In addition to this issue, some AirPods Pro may have problems with active noise cancellation not working as expected, which may lead to problems such as a loss of bass sound.

Other problems include an uptick in background noises, such as aircraft noise or street noise. 

Users experiencing one or more of the above problems may get in touch with Apple or Apple-authorized service providers to get their product examined. If it is decided by Apple or the service provider that the devices are eligible for the service program, AirPods Pro will be replaced. The software protects one or both of the earbuds.

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However, while the earbuds may be replaced, the case of AirPods Pro is not affected by sound problems and is not protected by the service program.

Apple has not stated what is causing the sound issues, although some have suggested that this is a hardware issue. Users have been complaining about the matter for months. In May, Apple posted some troubleshooting tips on its website to people experiencing static and cracking noises, believing that the issues were due to wireless interference or particular software. We know that wasn’t the case now.



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