If you are an iPhone user, Apple just brought you really good news. If you signed up for AppleCare+, that It. By the way, don’t buy extended warranties on anything, but buy AppleCare. In this column, I don’t have time to go into all the reasons why, but this one should be more than enough.

See, you get accidental damage coverage on your device if you opt for AppleCare+. That ensures that, instead of paying the entire cost of a repair (which can get really expensive), you pay $29.00.


Apple secretly made a move in September, just before the launch of the iPhone 12. Normally, when firms change the terms and conditions of a warranty, it rarely comes out in the consumer’s favour.

If you purchased an iPhone in the past, you can take advantage of the accidental damage benefit twice before you had to fork out the more expensive cost to fix your screen or back, We’re going to leave aside the possibility that if you smash your screen that much, you might save yourself a lot of trouble — and money — by just being a little more vigilant.

Apple did something very remarkable in this situation. Going forward, however, you can use the accidental damage repair coverage twice every 12 months if you pay the $9.99 a month AppleCare+ subscription. That’s a reasonably substantial distinction. That’s twice the number of the incident included in the AppleCare+ scheme in the first two years alone. If you keep your phone longer, which is what most people do, you’re coming out ahead.

You can still take advantage of the offer if you paid upfront for the two-year coverage, and as long as you sign up for the monthly plan within 60 days of your original coverage expiration.

Apple made this move at the same time it introduced iPhone 12 and 12 Pro with “Ceramic Shield,” which it claims has 4x improved drop performance. Essentially, the composite material, while retaining scratch resistance, is also more shatterproof. In order to improve its durability, Apple’s partner, Corning, achieves this by increasing ceramic crystals within the glass.



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