Apple AirTags Postponed to 2021

The next major product unveiling for Apple is planned for next week-October 13, to be precise-and the company is supposed to unveil the iPhone 12, but a recent report reveals that the long-rumoured Apple AirTags will not be in tow.

Use of Apple AirTags?

It is presumed that Apple AirTags are location tracking devices that you will mount to your belongings, such as your purse or car keys, and then they will be combined with Find My iPhone to help you locate certain things if they are missing.

Apple AirTags Postponed to 2021
Credits: Radiotimes

Since early 2019, the product has been speculated, and since then, we have also seen official Apple materials confirming the title. They were supposed to arrive alongside the iPhone 12 by some reports, but Jon Prosser, a tech leaker, has said he doesn’t expect them now.

Launch Date of AirTags

Prosser had previously indicated that the Apple AirTags will arrive at the event in October, but now it seems that his sources are suggesting that they would be moved forward to March next year.

Apple often conducted tech launches during the month of March, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it did not do so in 2020. Next year, that could change, or the company may be preparing to host a virtual launch.

Prosser’s details on recent Apple releases was not completely correct, with him saying that on September 8, the Apple Watch 6 and latest iPad Air 4 were due to be released.

In reality, during a Livestream organized by the corporation, those devices were announced a week later, so take this information with a pinch of salt, but the information from Prosser has been accurate in the past.

A precise explanation of why it takes so long for Apple AirTags to be revealed has not been made clear in reports and rumours, but if the new leak is right, it sounds like we’re going to wait an additional five months to officially see what they look like and how they work.


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