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Today an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a very strong track record, in predicting the future of Apple products has claimed that Apple could launch foldable iPhones with a 7.5-8inch display in 2023 (via MacRumors) and also claims that iPhone 13 series will have a smaller notch (or could be a punch-hole display), 120hz display on Pro models and iPhone SE coming in starting of 2022 will feature some processor upgrade with 5G on board.

Now rumors about a folding iPhone are nothing new, as we have reported earlier that Apple is already testing its foldable iPhone prototypes which have passed the durability test too. But according to a report by Ming-Chi Kuo, foldable iPhones will feature a 7.5-inch to 8-inch display and could launch in 2023. A foldable with a 7.5-8inch display sounds to me like a Galaxy Fold-like sort of device that unfolds into a smaller tablet.

Well, it still remains to be seen what technology Apple is going to use for this and who would be making these folding displays (despite rumors that suggesting that Apple is working with both LG and Samsung for this). But that doesn’t stop people from creating their own version of foldable iPhones.

Apple Flip

As Scotty Allen who runs the Youtube channel Strange Parts, best know for adding a functioning 3.5mm headphone jack to an iPhone 7 and going to China for accessing its massive electronics supply industry for making an iPhone from spare parts in 2017, has now released a clip showing us iOS running on a flexible/foldable display.

For making this Allen has used a foldable screen costing around $500 and a Raspberry Pi for wirelessly connecting to an iPhone to mirror the display. Well, it’s obviously not a foldable iPhone, but it explained to us what difficulties can be there while making one of these. As the YouTuber says that “getting the foldable displays is not the thing here. He has to find a way to make the screens and phone talk to each other. And even if he succeeds in that, he’ll still need to find a foldable case and move all the components found in a regular iPhone inside that case”.

Well if Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction is accurate, then Allen has only two years left if he wants to beat Apple in making a foldable iPhone.



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