EA delays next Need for Speed, so Criterion can help on Battlefield 6 - Craffic

In November Electronic Arts told its investors that it will release new games for both “Need for Speed” and “Battlefield” on the newest gen-consoles, by March 2022. But now EA is delaying the next Need for Speed game by a year and putting its studio, Criterion Games, on support duty to help EA DICE on Battlefield 6, which is set to debut on the PS5 and Xbox Series X this fall.

“The next Battlefield game hasn’t been titled yet, but it will arrive in the fall”, said EA chief studios officer Laura Miele to Polygon. He also said that after the purchase of Dirt 5 and F1 creators “Codemasters”, EA at least has one racing game coming out this year.

Need for Speed 2022

Criterion has previously worked with EA on the NFS series, and also has remastered Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit last year and also with DICE on the Star Wars Battlefront series and the battle royale mode in Battlefield 5. Once Criterion studio finishes the work on Battlefield, it will start working on the next Need for Speed game, which is set to release on current and previous-gen PlayStation and Xbox.

However, Laura Miele didn’t reveal any details about the next Battlefront game, which is rumored to be set in the modern-day, with 128 players support in multiplayer maps. She noted that they’re “putting all the resources they have on this.” and “want this one to be a great game for their fans”.

On a related note, EA has filed a new patent recently which suggests a purely AI-controlled, self-playing feature for its upcoming mobile sports games, click here to read more about it.


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